March 29, 2017

Archives for August 2010

Afghani Bank Directors Forced to Resign

Today Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai ordered the Afghani Central Bank to takeover the management of Kabul Bank, a private Afghani bank with branches throughout the country that has received over $1 billion in deposits. President Karzai ordered the bank’s two directors to resign yesterday, due to excessive personal loans worth tens of millions and also […]

Home Prices Creep Upward

While U.S. home prices increased 4.4% in the 2nd Quarter, according to today’s 2nd Quarter report from S&P [.pdf], the following considerations indicate that this increase is not a trend and home prices may even decelerate. The first-time homebuyer tax credit has practically expired as homes must have been under contract by April 30th in […]

Buck Leads Colorado’s Senate Race

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet faces a competitive race against Republican challenger Ken Buck, who is the former Denver school superintendent. Buck has been able to maintain a lead in the polls over Bennet, who was appointed after Ken Salazar joined the Obama Administration, yet Buck substantially trails Bennet in every category of campaign finances, as […]

New Executive Order Sanctions North Korea

Today President Obama signed a new Executive Order allowing “authorities to go after the arms sales, luxury goods procurement, money laundering, counterfeiting of currency and other illicit financial activities that enrich the highest echelons of the North Korean government.” The Order lays blame to North Korea’s attack on a South Korean submarine that resulted in […]

Health Care Costs Climb

From 1998 to 2008, consumer spending increased 38% in total health care costs – from an annual spending of $2,204 to $3,591, according to an August 2010 review [.pdf]. Not only has the price of health insurance increased from $1,134 to $2,080, or 45% more, but the costs of prescription drugs also rose from $289 […]

July Consumer Statistics

Disposable personal income – one’s income after taxes – increased .2% or $17.6 billion in July. However, real disposable personal income – one’s disposable income adjusted to remove price changes – actually decreased .1%, according to the Commerce Department [.pdf]. The category of expenses whose price index increased the most was gasoline and electric services, […]

Relief Well Still a Week Away

The relief well for the BP oil spill is still not complete and is about a week away, according to the incoming BP CEO Bob Dudley who spoke today at the Democratic Governors Association Annual Meeting. BP said on August 4th that the relief well would be complete mid-August, but this still has not become […]

Nevada Senate Race is Close

Nevada not only has had the highest ratio of foreclosure filings for 43 consecutive months, but Nevada also leads the country with an unemployment rate of 14.3%. Statistics like these are bad for any incumbent – resulting with Democrat Harry Reid already spending about $6.5 million more than Republican Sharron Angle in Nevada’s Senate race, […]