March 26, 2017

Total Employment Inches Up

  • Excluding US Census workers, total employment in the US during July increased 12,000 jobs, according to the monthly employment report released today from the Department of Labor.
  • 202,000 government employees were laid off during July, but 143,000 of those were temporary workers from the Census.  The remaining 59,000 government layoffs came mostly from state and local governments, which shed 48,000 jobs.
  • The private job market, on the other hand, grew with 71,000 jobs.

Economists frequently suggest the exclusion of Census workers in order to isolate the distortion that the Census brings to employment statistics.  The graph below illustrates 2010 as somewhat lively, but this activity is mostly from the Census.

Much of this year's noise has been a result of the US Census.

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