March 26, 2017

Emergency Border Security Bill Passes

On Friday President Obama signed an appropriations bill that provides exactly $600 million toward the security of the Southwest Border throughout the next year.  Over 90% of the bill – $548 million – is for the salary and expenses of personnel.

  • $175 million of the salary appropriations is for new border patrol agents – enough to hire about 1,500 agents, while the remaining salary funds go to the maintenance of other personnel such as training center employees, prison staff, and attorneys.
  • Of the $52 million not appropriated for personnel expenses, $32 million is for unmanned aircraft, $6 million is for up to two new offices, and $14 million is for constructing fence along the Southwest border.
  • The bill contained an additional $100 million for constructing fence, but this resolution was rescinded and did not make it into the final law, as you can view in the bill here [pdf.].

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