March 29, 2017

New Orleans 5 Years Later

Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans exactly 5 years ago and the city is still recovering. The current population is 365,403 – 20% less than before Katrina, reports the Times-Picayune. The cost of rental housing has risen and 58% of renters spend at least 35% of their income on housing, whereas only 43% of renters fell into this bracket before Katrina, according to the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center’s comprehensive release [.pdf]. Before Katrina there were 18,388 unoccupied residential homes, but now there are 63,995 empty homes, as the graph below shows. Over 45,000 families were living in FEMA trailers in September 2007, whereas this number is now only 860 families – a significant improvement. FEMA has already provided $5.5 billion toward debris removal and $3.3 billion more is forthcoming.

The Parish includes the 10 metropolitan regions surrounding New Orleans.

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