March 26, 2017

Number of Incumbent Losers in 2010

While 7 incumbents have lost their primaries in 2010, this number is still fewer than the 9 incumbents who lost their primary in 2002. Though, there are 9 more primaries in 2010, which means the number of ousted incumbents could surpass the 2002 level. In addition, 3 Senators and 4 Representatives makeup the ousted incumbents in 2010, whereas 8 Representatives and 1 Senator lost in 2002, according to the CS Monitor. Even though 2010 has more ousted Senators, this number is not drastically inconsistent with past years, such as 1968 and 1980, when 4 Senators lost their primaries, or 1966 and 1978, when 3 Senators lost in primaries.

While 7 incumbents have already lost, notice that it is incumbents from both parties, not one or the other.


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