March 29, 2017

Ethics Charges Crowd Rangel

With New York being among the cluster of tomorrow’s primaries, Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who the Congressional Ethics Committee lodged with 13 ethics charges earlier this year, faces the typical cloud of vulnerability that reigns over ethically challenged politicians. If Rangel survives his primary tomorrow, his upcoming ethics trial will likely present him with an even more difficult position in November.

While the House is currently in recess until October 8th and a trial date is not yet set for Rangel, the House is expected to hold the trial shortly after it adjourns. Rangel, who has already spent $1.8 million on his legal defense, tried to sign a plea deal in August, but a partisan vote on the Ethics Committee led to Republicans blocking the deal – resulting with a public trial. Read the charges against Rangel [.pdf].

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