March 26, 2017

O’Donnell Upsets for GOP Nod

Despite a significant financial disadvantage, Christine O’Donnell won the Republican nomination in the race to Joe Biden’s former Senate seat in Delaware. O’Donnell won with a 6% margin over the establishment favorite Representative Mike Castle, who was Governor of Delaware from 1985-1992 and has been a member of the House since 1992. O’Donnell must quickly shift into the general election phase against Democrat Chris Coons. According to a PPP poll released today [.pdf], Coons leads O’Donnell 50% to 34%. However, if Coons would have faced Mike Castle, there would be a 26% difference in the poll with Castle leading 45% to 35%.

Lastly, similar to how Rand Paul received a surge of publicity after his primary victory in the Kentucky Senate race, expect a quick escalation of O’Donnell’s level of media attention as the Tea Party favorite becomes increasingly scrutinized.

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