March 26, 2017

US Poverty Grows

The American poverty rate increased from 13.2% of the population in 2008 to 14.3% in 2009 – an increase of 3.5 million people and the 3rd consecutive year the rate has increased, according to a 268-page annual population report [.pdf] released today. This brings the total number of Americans living in poverty in 2009 to 43,369,000 people – the highest annual poverty rate since 1994, as the chart below shows. Additionally, for the first time since record keeping on health insurance began in 1987, the number of Americans without health insurance increased with an escalation from 46,340,000 people to 50,674,000 or from 15.4% of the population to 16.7%.

Also notice the trend of recessions and how the current one is nearly the longest.

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