March 29, 2017

Energy Statistics Show a Trend

With the current recession approaching its 3-year anniversary, several indicators of the economy show that energy is becoming more expensive, especially in the past 2 months. First, consumer prices of every type of energy rose in August, with gasoline increasing the most at 3.9%, as the chart below shows. Second, domestic production energy prices also rose in August, particularly gasoline production with an increase of 7.5%. Third, personal expenditures in July for gasoline and electric services increased 2.6%, which was also the highest increase of any personal expenditure for the month. Lastly, when Left and Right News analyzed consumer prices in July, energy prices similarly rose, but slightly more with gasoline unsurprisingly leading the pack with a 4.6% increase. Undeniably, the rising cost of energy, specifically gasoline, is a presence throughout the country.

The price of every type of energy increased in August.

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