March 26, 2017

Tea Party Candidates in Senate Races

With the 2010 Elections only 43 days away, the primaries are complete and the candidates are set. Among the senatorial races, the GOP has nominated 8 candidates who are affiliated with the conservative lobbying movement known as the Tea Party. Since the nomination of these candidates, polls show that 3 of the races improved for Democrats, 3 of the races improved for Republicans, and 2 of the races have not changed, as the chart below shows.

  • While 3 of the 8 candidates have been elected to state positions, none of the 8 candidates have been elected to a federal position.
  • Four of the 8 candidates had contentious primaries that resulted with a victory margin of 6% or less.
  • Two of the 8 candidates triggered a third-party candidate, including Governor Charlie Crist as an Independent in Florida and Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

The chart below lists the 8 candidates with the margin of their primary victory in parentheses, whether the candidate triggered a third party candidate, whether the candidate has held an elected position before, and how the candidate’s nomination has changed the polls.

The Tea Party has been able to nominate 8 candidates in Senate races.

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