March 26, 2017

O’Donnell Denies Ethics Allegations

Christine O’Donnell, who is 1 of the 8 Senate candidates associated with the Tea Party, has had a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission alleging she used campaign contributions for personal expenses. There are 81 pages of evidence [.pdf] detailing how O’Donnell, who hasn’t had a job since 2004, used campaign funds from her 2008 senatorial bid to pay her $750 rent on two occasions in 2009, as well as other living expenses when she was not affiliated with a campaign. These personal expenses paid with campaign funds appear to violate a provision of the Federal Election Campaign Act that forbids any campaign donation to be used for an expense unassociated with a campaign.

Additionally, the complaint includes the testimony of O’Donnell’s former campaign finance advisor, David Keegan, who claims O’Donnell also used campaign funds in 2009 for an $18 bowling outing and a $22 steakhouse meal. Meanwhile, O’Donnell responded to the allegations and said that she “has hired a great FEC lawyer who will answer these charges, if they go anywhere.”

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