March 29, 2017

Incumbent Losers in 2010

With the completion of the 2010 primaries, 8 incumbents have bit the dust. Between the cluster of 8 primaries on September 14th and the primary in Hawaii on September 18th, 1 incumbent lost – Adrian Fenty, who was the D.C. Mayor. While a popular talking point has labeled 2010 as a particularly anti-incumbent election cycle, 2002 actually saw more incumbents go down – 9 to be exact. However, with the inclusion of Mike Castle, who lost his Senatorial bid and is not seeking reelection of his seat in the House, the losing incumbents of 2010 is equal to the losing incumbents of 2002. The chart below lists the 8 losing incumbents of 2010. Senator Lisa Murkowski is the only losing incumbent to launch a third-party candidacy.

An equal number of Republican and Democratic incumbents have lost in 2010.

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