March 24, 2017

Kentucky Senate Race Narrows

Democratic candidate Jack Conway trails the Republican candidate Rand Paul by 2%, according to the most recent SurveyUSA poll of the Kentucky Senate race. The previous poll of this race showed Paul, who is 1 of the 8 Senate candidates affiliated with the Tea Party, ahead of Conway by 15%. As a result, this race has shifted from leaning Republican to being a toss-up. A part of how Conway is gaining ground is attributable to women – the first three polls of this race showed the candidates polling evenly among women, but Conway has taken a 16% lead among women in the most recent poll. Lastly, the campaign finances of this race are quite close with each candidate raising and spending a relative amount, as the chart below shows, so one question of this race is not who can spend more, but who can spend better.

How each candidate spends down the stretch could make the difference.

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