March 29, 2017

Buck Maintains Lead in Colorado

The most recent poll of the Colorado Senate contest shows Republican Ken Buck with an 8% lead over Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. Buck led by only 3% at the end of August, so the new poll indicates a 5% boost for Buck since the last poll. Additionally, even though the incumbent Senator has a spent over 7x’s more than the former Denver school superintendent, this disparity of spending has not correlated with a lead in the polls. As a result, Bennet, who was appointed to the Senate after Ken Salazar joined the Obama Administration, could be added to Left and Right’s ongoing list of ousted incumbents, unless he is able to create a better focus for his campaign. Although Buck, who is among the 8 Senate candidates associated with the Tea Party, is poised to maintain the potent campaign theme of the “Washington outsider.”

The polls mentioned above were both conducted by Rasmussen and have a ±4% margin of error.

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