March 24, 2017

Corporate Profit Climbs

Corporations profited $1.614 trillion in the 2nd Quarter of 2010 – the 2nd most profitable quarter of all time. The only quarter with more corporate profits is the 3rd Quarter of 2006, which saw $1.655 trillion in profit. According to statistics [.pdf] released from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, petroleum and coal products had the best result in the 2nd Quarter – reflecting how gasoline prices have increased across the country. Financial corporations, however, actually made less profit in the 2nd Quarter, except for the Federal Reserve. The reason why the Fed has profited in the 2nd Quarter and other financial corporations made less is a result of these corporations returning funds borrowed from TARP, which is the bailout program of financial industries that went from spending $166 billion in 2009 to receiving $108 billion in 2010.


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