March 24, 2017

Outcome if Today was the Election

If the Senatorial elections were held today, Democrats would maintain control of the Senate, but not before Republicans pick up 8 seats, according to a weighted average of the polls for each race. Since there are currently 59 Democrats and 41 Republicans in the Senate, today’s hypothetical election would result with Democrats maintaining a Senate majority, albeit a slight one. Still, the last midterm cycle a President lost 8 seats in the Senate was in 1994. The map below illustrates the outcome of today’s election, courtesy of Real Clear Politics. Without a doubt, several of the outcomes in the map below could shift in the next 4 weeks, such as Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Washington. Therefore, Republicans could still muster a majority in the Senate, or Democrats could maintain more than a slight majority.

Senate Outcome with No Toss-Ups:


  1. Technically the Democrats currently have 57 senators. Bernie Sanders of VT and Joe Lieberman of CT are independents. However, these two gentlemen vote mostly the Democratic party line so for balance-of-power purposes it is fine to consider them as such.

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