March 29, 2017

California Governor’s Race Widens

Democrat Jerry Brown has taken a 5% lead over Republican Meg Whitman in California’s gubernatorial sprint, according to the most recent Rasmussen poll of the race. When Rasmussen surveyed the race 2 weeks ago, Brown only had a 1% advantage over Whitman. Brown, who is the Attorney General in California, was trailing Whitman at the beginning of September. As a result, in the past month this race has shifted from leaning Republican to becoming a toss-up and now to leaning Democrat.

Whitman, who is the former eBay CEO, has already spent more of her own money than any other candidate in the history of US elections. The Republican has spent $119 million of her own money so far – surpassing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent $109 million in his 2009 campaign. The Democrat, on the other hand, has spent less than a tenth of his opponent with expenses totaling almost $11 million – none of which is his own money. With the recent shifts in this race, it is clear that money alone does not win this auction.

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