March 24, 2017

Top 10 Fundraisers in the House

Michele Bachmann has raised more money than any other candidate in the House of Representatives, according to an analysis of the FEC database. Bachmann has raised almost $10 million, which is more than double of what she had received as of August 17th, when Left and Right News last analyzed the top 10 fundraisers in the House. The chart below lists the top 10 fundraisers in the House, with the number in brackets next to each candidate denoting how many positions the candidate has moved since August 17th. Bachmann and West are tied for the most improvement with 3 positions since the last analysis, whereas Russell declined the most with 4 positions since the last analysis. There are 7 Republicans and 3 Democrats among the top 10 fundraisers in the House. Excluding Ganley, West, and Russell, all of the candidates among the list are incumbents.

Florida and Ohio each have 2 candidates among this list.

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