March 26, 2017

Georgia Governor’s Race Widens

Republican candidate Nathan Deal currently has an 8% lead in Georgia’s gubernatorial race over Democratic candidate Roy Barnes, according to the most recent poll of this race. Halfway through September, a poll from the same polling agency, Insider Advantage, concluded with the race being tied. This tie, though, is the best performance for Barnes among any of the 12 polls of the race since May – meaning Deal has held a consistent lead that has been between 4% and 10%. Moreover, all of the polls of this race conducted since the tie in mid-September shows Deal with a steady lead between 6% and 9%. While Barnes could still make a final push, his campaign has spent almost twice as much as Deal since late August without gaining any ground. Since each candidate has about the same amount of campaign finances remaining, as the chart below shows, the likelihood of Barnes turning this race around is low.

Deal spent a majority of his money on the primary, whereas Barnes has been able to spend with more focus on November, yet Deal still leads.

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