March 24, 2017

Unique Gaffe in Florida Governor’s Debate

Last night the final debate took place between the candidates seeking to be the next Governor of Florida, Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink. Both candidates stumbled on perhaps the simplest question of the debate, “What’s the minimum wage?” Scott chimed in with a confident “7.55,” which Sink then was asked if she agreed and she replied, “Yes.” The minimum wage for the entire country is $7.25. Such a gaffe would usually be replayed in campaign commercials, but since this gaffe is unique and is comprised of both candidates, rather than just one of the candidates, each campaign will likely try to downplay this moment. As a result, this gaffe will probably not change the level of support for either candidate, but it certainly would have if only one of the candidates made the misstep. The short clip below shows the debate moment and the negative response from the audience afterward.

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