March 26, 2017

Washington Remains a Toss-Up

The Washington Senate race between Democratic incumbent Patty Murray and Republican candidate Dino Rossi is still up for grabs. Murray has been ahead in the last 4 polls of this race, but her lead has been between 1% and 3%, which is also within the margin of error for each of the polls. At best, the latest polls indicate a slight lead for Murray. Contrarily, Rossi has a slightly better position within a comparison of the campaign finance statistics for each of the candidates. Even though Murray has raised about $3.5 million more and spent almost 3x’s more (287%) than Rossi, as the chart below shows, Rossi has almost 3x’s more (286%) in cash on hand, according to the FEC database. As a result, Rossi apparently planned for a home-stretch splurge with his remaining cash. With this race being as close as it is with less than a week from the election, how each candidate handles the coming days will likely determine who wins.

Murray has received and spent more, but Rossi has more cash.

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