March 24, 2017

Obama’s Senate Seat Barely a Toss Up

The latest polls of the Illinois Senate race show the Republican candidate Mark Kirk with a 3% lead over the Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias. While this lead is slight and within the margin of error, it has been the consistent result of the last 6 polls of the race. The last time Giannoulias polled higher than Kirk was at the beginning of October, which was a slight 1% lead. As a result, even though this race remains close, the polls suggest Kirk has a small advantage. An additional aspect favoring Kirk is a comfortable lead in campaign finances. As the chart below shows, Kirk has raised almost $4.5 million more and spent over $2.5 million more than Giannoulias, as well as having more cash for the home stretch. Kirk has maintained a lead in each category of campaign finances throughout this race. Since campaign finances and the polls both favor Kirk, albeit a modest lead in the polls, this state favors Republicans, but not by much.

Kirk has a comfortable lead in each category.

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