March 26, 2017

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Home Prices Drop in September

During September, home prices declined 0.7% in the 20 largest metropolitan cities, according to the S&P index [.pdf] released today. The city with the greatest decline during September was Cleveland, where home prices dropped 3.0%. Thirteen other of the 20 largest metropolitan cities also posted falls greater than 1.0%. These statistics clearly indicate a weak […]

WikiLeaks Releases Diplomatic Documents

Today WikiLeaks began publishing 251,287 classified documents about diplomatic issues around the world. This is the largest release of classified information to date and is seven times larger than the recently published Iraq War Logs. Even though the entire set of documents will be published over the next few months and range from December 1966 […]

Outside Spending Surges in 2010

Special-interest groups spent more in 2010 than any previous election cycle. Special interests spent $281.6 million during the 2010 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. In the 2008 presidential election cycle, special interests spent $279.7 million. This is the first time in US election history that special interests have spent more in […]

Home Sales Tumble in October

New home sales declined 8.1% in October to a rate of 275,000 homes sold per year, according to statistics [.pdf] from the Census Bureau. This rate is the third lowest since record keeping of new home sales began in 1963. Though the two lowest rates have also been recorded this year – August had a […]

Corporate Profits at Record High

During the 3rd quarter, corporations recorded more profit than ever before. Profits for corporations totaled $1.658 trillion, according to a report [.pdf] released today from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The previous record was $1.655 trillion in the 3rd Quarter of 2006. Corporate profits have grown for 7 consecutive quarters – not much of a […]

START Treaty Facts

Earlier this year on April 8th, President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia met to sign the New START Treaty. This treaty deals with the reduction of nuclear weapons and sets lower limits on the amount of nuclear weapons each country possesses, as well as increasing the transparency of each countries nuclear facilities. Past treaties […]

Democrats & Republicans Spend More in 2010

With the completion of the 2010 campaigns, campaign finance statistics show an increased amount of spending from both Democratic and Republican candidates in the Senate. In comparison to past midterm cycles, Senate candidates in both parties spent a greater amount on campaigns than any previous election cycle. Republican candidates in the Senate spent a total […]

Process of Punishing Unethical House Members

The Constitution is clear on how the House of Representatives handles the misconduct of its members. Article 1 Section 5 enumerates the power to punish disorderly members with sanctions and expel a House member with a “concurrence of two thirds.” Before the full House votes on punishments for a member, the House ethics subcommittee, known […]