March 26, 2017

Left and Right’s 2010 Projections

With the election tomorrow, it is time for a final forecast of the closest races. Projections for the most competitive Senate races are listed below, as well as a few gubernatorial races. Each of these races have been closely followed throughout the campaign season. Links to past articles about a specific race are provided when available, with the most recent article listed first. Note that an asterisk next to a candidate indicates an incumbent Senator.

Alaska: Joe Miller (R) v. Lisa Murkowski* (I) v. Scott McAdams (D)

Projected Winner: Joe Miller (R)

California: Barbara Boxer* (D) v. Carly Fiorina (R)

Projected Winner: Barbara Boxer (D)     Past Article #1Article #2

California Gubernatorial: Jerry Brown (D) v. Meg Whitman (R)

Projected Winner: Jerry Brown (D)     Past Article #1

Colorado: Ken Buck (R) v. Michael Bennet* (D)

Projected Winner: Ken Buck (R)     Past Article #1Article #2Article #3

Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal (D) v. Linda McMahon (R)

Projected Winner: Richard Blumenthal (D)     Past Article #1

Delaware: Chris Coons (D) v. Christine O’Donnell (R)

Projected Winner: Chris Coons (D)     Past Article #1

Florida: Marco Rubio (R) v. Charlie Crist (I) v. Kendrick Meek (D)

Projected Winner: Marco Rubio (R)

Florida Gubernatorial: Alex Sink (D) v. Rick Scott (R)

Projected Winner: Alex Sink (D)     Past Article #1Article #2Article #3Article #4

Article #5

Georgia Gubernatorial: Nathan Deal (R) v. Roy Barnes (D)

Projected Winner: Nathan Deal (R)     Past Article #1 Article #2 Article #3

Illinois: Mark Kirk (R) v. Alexi Giannoulias (D)

Projected Winner: Mark Kirk (R)     Past Article #1 Article #2 – Article #3

Kentucky: Jack Conway (D) v. Rand Paul (R)

Projected Winner: Rand Paul (R)     Past Article #1 – Article #2

Nevada: Sharron Angle (R) v. Harry Reid* (D)

Projected Winner: Harry Reid (D)     Past Article #1 – Article #2

Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey (R) v. Joe Sestak (D)

Projected Winner: Pat Toomey (R)     Past Article #1 – Article #2

Washington: Patty Murray* (D) v. Dino Rossi (R)

Projected Winner: Patty Murray (D)     Past Article #1

West Virginia: John Raese (R) v. Joe Manchin (D)

Projected Winner: Joe Manchin (D)     Past Article #1

Wisconsin: Russ Feingold* (D) v. Ron Johnson (R)

Projected Winner: Ron Johnson (R)     Past Article #1

Senate Projection: 48 Republican Senators and 52 Democratic Senators (including Lieberman and Sanders).

House Projection: Republicans will take control of the House and John Boehner will become the Speaker of the House.

Check back on Wednesday for the final results.


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