March 24, 2017

Latest Status of the Pennsylvania Senate Race

In mid-October, 2 different polls of the Pennsylvania Senate race concluded with Democratic candidate Joe Sestak having a slight lead over Republican candidate Pat Toomey. However, since these 2 polls, there have been 12 other polls indicating a lead for Toomey. In fact, the median of these polls shows a 4.5% lead for Toomey. Among the 12 latest polls of the Pennsylvania Senate race, the best outcome for Sestak was a tie.

Another advantage for Toomey is visible within the categories of campaign finances. Sestak trails Toomey in total contributions, total expenses, and remaining cash, according to an analysis of the FEC database. Even though Pennsylvania has been a Democratic state in recent elections, Toomey’s lead among campaign finances and the latest polls indicates him as the favorite over Sestak.

Sestak trails Toomey among each category of campaign finances, except for debts owed.

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