March 26, 2017

Rocky Senate Race in Colorado

In one of the most competitive Senate races of the midterm cycle, the latest polls of the Colorado race indicate a narrow lead for Republican candidate Ken Buck over Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet. There have been 5 polls of this race released in the past week – all of which show Buck with a 1% to 4% lead. Also, Bennet, who was appointed after Ken Salazar joined the Obama Administration, has a 39% approval rating – indicating low popularity as the interim Senator. After considering Bennet’s level of popularity, as well as Buck’s slight advantage in recent polls, it is Buck who appears to have an edge.

Buck also has an advantage over Bennet among campaign finances, according to an analysis of the FEC database. Even though Bennet has raised over 3x’s more and spent over 3x’s more than Buck, as the chart below shows, Buck has more cash for the final stretch. Since Bennet has not been able to attain a lead with these financial differences, as well as the fact that Buck currently has more cash, Buck appears to have a narrow yet stable lead.

Bennet has spent and raised more, but Buck has more cash.

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