March 29, 2017

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2010 Stands Tall for Special Interests

Perhaps the most influential political moment of 2010, as well as one of the most overlooked moments, came at the beginning of the year, but it is still far from over. Last January, the Supreme Court unleashed the influence of special interests in its ruling of Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission. This ruling effectively […]

Fewer Claim Jobless Benefits

The amount of new claims for unemployment benefits totaled 391,000 in the week ending December 25th, according to statistics released today from the Labor Department. This is the first week since mid July of 2008 that there were fewer than 400,000 new claims for unemployment benefits. In other words, there were 127 consecutive weeks with […]

Presidential Approval Comparison

President Obama’s current approval rating is 47%, according to Gallup Polls. In comparison to the past 11 presidents at the same point in their presidencies, which is about 700 days, Obama’s current rating is higher than 3 of the last 11 presidents. As the chart below shows, Ronald Reagan was lower than Obama’s current rating, […]

Home Values Fall Again

During October, home prices declined 1.3% in the twenty largest metropolitan cities, according to statistics [.pdf] released today from S&P. The greatest decline occurred in Atlanta, where home prices fell 2.9%. All twenty of the largest metropolitan cities suffered a decline in October, with fifteen of the cities dropping 1.0% or more. These statistics clearly […]

Top Spenders of the 2010 Elections

With the 2010 congressional elections nearly two months ago, the financial disclosure reports of each candidate’s campaign are complete. There were six Republicans and four Democrats among the top 10 spenders of the 2010 congressional elections, according to campaign finance statistics from the FEC database. Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon spent $49.9 million in the […]

November Foreclosure Facts

The amount of foreclosure filings declined 21% in November, according to statistics released today from RealtyTrac. This is is the largest monthly decline since RealtyTrac began publishing foreclosure records in January 2005. November also marks the second straight month foreclosures have declined, but the drop in November was more significant than the drop in October, […]

Consumer Prices Rise in November

The consumer price index, which is the basic indicator of inflation for all consumer goods, increased 0.1% in November. This increase marks the fifth consecutive month consumer prices have risen, according to a consumer report [.pdf] released today from the Labor Department. Prices of airline fares increased more than the price of any other good […]

WikiLeaks Founder Granted Bail

Today a British court granted bail to Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks who spent the past week in jail. Though, Assange will remain in jail for 2 more days pending an appeal of the bail decision, which Swedish prosecutors said they will appeal. Last Tuesday, Assange turned himself in to UK police […]