March 26, 2017

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Egyptians Will March to Mubarak

Tomorrow, February 1st, Egyptian protesters have scheduled a “Million Man March” to begin in Tahrir Square and then proceed to the residence of President Hosni Mubarak. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians throughout the country have demonstrated since last Tuesday, January 25th, with one central goal – the departure of Mubarak, who has led Egypt since […]

Revolution Underway in Egypt

Since last Tuesday, January 25th, protests have swept across Egypt in a call for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, who has led Egypt since 1981. Late Thursday evening, the Egyptian government disconnected internet and cell phone services for a majority of the country. Social media websites, including Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, were crucial in […]

US Economy Expands in 4th Quarter

During the 4th quarter of 2010, the US economy grew at an annual rate of 3.2%, according to an advanced estimate of the gross domestic product released today [.pdf] from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (revised to 3.1% on Mar. 25). GDP growth during the 4th quarter grew more than the previous two quarters, when […]

Home Sales Rise in December

During December, new home sales increased 17.5%, according to statistics released today [.pdf] from the Housing Department and Census Bureau. After an annual rate of 280,000 new homes sold in November, the annual rate for December totaled 329,000 (revised to 325,000 in January). Despite this rise, new home sales in December were still 7.6% below […]

Home Prices Continue to Descend

During November, home values declined 1.0% in the twenty largest metropolitan cities, according to statistics released today from S&P [.pdf]. All twenty of the largest metropolitan cities suffered a decline in home values, except for San Diego, where home values increased 0.1%. Among these twenty cities, Detroit had the greatest decline in home values with […]

Federal Debt Breaks $14 Trillion

Last week, the federal deficit exceeded $14 trillion, according to the US Treasury’s most recent statement [.pdf]. This total includes public debt, which is currently $9.4 trillion, as well as intragovernmental holdings, which are $4.6 trillion. Public debt refers to when the government sells bonds or other forms of debt to the public, whereas intragovernmental […]

WikiLeaks Increases Publication Rate

When Julian Assange met with reporters on January 11th, he promised his self-described whistleblowing website WikiLeaks would increase its publication rate of diplomatic documents. Since this announcement, not only has the publication rate at WikiLeaks increased, but the consistency of publication at WikiLeaks has also increased. In fact, there were more diplomatic documents published on […]

Fewer File for Unemployment Benefits

During the week ending January 15th, there were 404,000 new claims for unemployment benefits, according to statistics released today from the Labor Department. At the same point in 2010, there were 467,000 new claims, reflecting a modest improvement over the past year. Additionally, today’s statistics show the four-week rolling average of new claims at its […]