March 24, 2017

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cable Amount Altered

Since November 28th, WikiLeaks has published 3,890 diplomatic documents, as you can view at the WikiLeaks website. Though, the amount of documents published each day has changed. When Left and Right News previously analyzed the daily amount of published documents up to January 21st, WikiLeaks had published 2,628 documents. From January 22nd to February 7th, WikiLeaks published another 1,355 documents. As a result, there ought to be 3,983 total documents. However, the actual total is 3,890, as mentioned. This means there are 93 fewer documents than expected and that the daily amount of published documents from November 28th to January 21st were altered.

After this realization, Left and Right News reanalyzed the entire WikiLeaks cable database to discover several days had a drastically different publication amount than the previous analysis. In fact, 26 of the 51 days of cable publications between November 28th to January 21st were different than the previous analysis. As expected, the total difference from the previous analysis to today’s analysis showed 93 fewer documents. The chart below shows the 26 days with a different amount of published documents than the previous analysis.

This data was gathered solely on the basis of the First Amendment.

Within these 26 days, there are 5 days with more documents than the previous analysis, but there are 21 days with fewer documents than the previous analysis, such as December 5th with 34 fewer documents. Even the first day Wikileaks published diplomatic documents, November 28th, was altered. As most users can recall, there were over 200 documents published on the first day, but this amount is now below 200 documents. Moreover, when these fluctuations are accounted for, the total amount of published documents matches the aggregate total that WikiLeaks has on its website – 3,890.

While the specific documents removed or added to these 26 days are not clear, due to the content not being a part of the analysis, it is clear that WikiLeaks has changed the amount of documents published each day. Wikileaks does not provide a number for how many documents are published each day, the website only provides an aggregate total of all documents published. Due to this lack of information at WikiLeaks, most users are likely unaware of the fact that the daily numbers of published documents have changed.

Since WikiLeaks prides itself on a virtue of transparency, it is rather odd for WikiLeaks to alter the daily amount of published documents without at least notifying its users of the alterations. It is understandable Wikileaks may have to remove certain documents in order to keep its “clear and present danger” status minimal, but to do so without disclosure is inconsistent with the mission of WikiLeaks. In other words, even if WikiLeaks has valid reasons for altering the daily amount of published documents, why not at least notify users when alterations are performed.

This analysis was not performed with the intent to potentially discredit WikiLeaks, this analysis was intended to show the daily average of published documents and how long it would take WikiLeaks to publish all of the 251,287 diplomatic documents, similar to the previous analysis. Though, after the results did not add up, the analysis resulted with a potential challenge to the credibility of WikiLeaks. Before generating hypotheses on why the numbers at WikiLeaks do not add up, Left and Right News has contacted WikiLeaks for a response.

Perhaps WikiLeaks will begin to provide its users with a daily number of published documents and a notification if the amount ever changes. Meanwhile, the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has been in a UK court the past two days for an extradition hearing to determine whether Assange is sent to Sweden. The hearing was originally scheduled to last February 7th and 8th, but the UK court announced today that the hearing would continue on Friday, February 11th. Sweden has not charged Assange with a crime, but seeks him for questioning about sexual allegations.


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