March 24, 2017

About Left and Right News

Rather than providing articles with biased and hyperbolic language, like these news sources, Left and Right News gives you nothing except for the facts. Concise political updates provide you with the powerful information, not the useless. Left and Right News does not favor the left, the right, or the middle, but only the facts. Read comfortably because the rule of publication is simple – accuracy is the supreme law of the land.

What can you expect from Left and Right News?

  • Accurate and Not Deceitful.
  • Concise and Not Useless.
  • Objective and Not Polarized.

Since Left and Right News emphasizes, digests, and analyzes reliable data sources, as exemplified with links throughout articles to serve as credible references for datum, visitors can read comfortably. The individuals who are most interested in this type of information service are typically not the general electorate, but are instead academics, students conducting research, and traders, particularly currency traders. This is not to suggest the general electorate dislikes such information, or is unintelligent, but only that the specificity of the content at Left and Right News is more pragmatic for certain groups of individuals.

For example, each time a government releases data about its economy, such as the unemployment situation in the United States each month, these results will likely either hurt or help the country’s currency that releases the information, which suggests one can profit through currency exchange if one can interpret and calculate the implications from a particular government’s outcomes from a news event. As a result of opportunities in currency exchange, the publication rate of new articles at Left and Right News has dramatically declined, but will not cease. The author of the articles at Left and Right News, Daniel Doss, has started an investment fund, which has slowed the publication rate at Left and Right News. Daniel graduated with honors from the University of Georgia with a major in political science and graduates in April with honors for his master degree in public administration from the University of West Georgia. For more information on currency exchange and Daniel’s investment fund, go to the home of the Doss Investment Group at

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Left and Right News also welcomes discussion and feedback. Each update rarely includes all of the data collected for the respected topic, so additional information is usually available upon request. You can reach Left and Right News through the comments section available for each article or through the contact form below.

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