March 29, 2017

Gas Prices Decline as US Dollar Appreciates

While the recent ascent in the price for a barrel of oil would suggest higher gas prices for American consumers, the ascent of oil in recent months has not correlated to an ascent in gas prices. Typically, a $10 rise in the price of oil results with a 24 cent increase in the price for […]

Federal Budget & Deficit Facts in April

During April, the federal government incurred a deficit of $40.5 billion, according to the monthly release [.pdf] from the Treasury Department. While this amount is less than the monthly deficit recorded in April of fiscal year 2010, the deficit recorded throughout fiscal year 2011 is greater than the deficit recorded at this point in fiscal […]

Foreclosures Remain Artificially Low in April

During April, the amount foreclosure filings on US properties totaled 219,258, according to the latest data from RealtyTrac. This is a 9% decline compared to March, when there were 239,745 filings. April not only brought the fewest amount of foreclosures filings in forty months, but April also marked the sixth consecutive month with less than […]

Inflation Continues for US Dollar in April

During April, the descending trend of the US dollar continued, with a 0.4% increase in the consumer price index, according to data [.pdf] released today from the Labor Department. The consumer price index measures adjustments in the prices of common goods and is a key indicator for inflation. April marked the tenth consecutive month with […]

Gas Prices Exceed $4 per Gallon

During the week ending May 9th, the price for a gallon of gas nationally averaged $4.018, according to the US Energy Administration. This is the second week with the national average above $4 per gallon, as well as the twenty-first week out of the past twenty-three weeks with an increase in the national average for […]

Unemployment Rate Facts April 2011

During April, the unemployment rate edged up 0.2%, raising the rate to 9.0%, according to data [.pdf] released today from the Labor Department. Despite this rise in the unemployment rate, which is up from 8.8% in March, the US economy added 244,000 jobs during April. The private sector grew for the seventh consecutive month, with […]

Afghanistan War April 2011 Facts

While the death of Osama bin Laden symbolized a momentous national defense achievement, nearly 100,000 US troops continue to fight in Afghanistan. During April, the US forces suffered 47 casualties in the Afghanistan War, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This amount of casualties is not only greater than March, when there […]

Special Forces Kill Osama bin Laden

In an unexpected speech Sunday evening, President Obama announced US special forces have killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda whose responsible for the deaths of 2,974 individuals on September 11th, 2001, and thousands of others around the world. Families who have lost relatives to bin Laden’s organization finally capture a sense of closure […]