March 24, 2017

Gas Prices Decline as US Dollar Appreciates

While the recent ascent in the price for a barrel of oil would suggest higher gas prices for American consumers, the ascent of oil in recent months has not correlated to an ascent in gas prices. Typically, a $10 rise in the price of oil results with a 24 cent increase in the price for […]

Inflation Continues for US Dollar in April

During April, the descending trend of the US dollar continued, with a 0.4% increase in the consumer price index, according to data [.pdf] released today from the Labor Department. The consumer price index measures adjustments in the prices of common goods and is a key indicator for inflation. April marked the tenth consecutive month with […]

Gas Prices Exceed $4 per Gallon

During the week ending May 9th, the price for a gallon of gas nationally averaged $4.018, according to the US Energy Administration. This is the second week with the national average above $4 per gallon, as well as the twenty-first week out of the past twenty-three weeks with an increase in the national average for […]

Unemployment Rate Facts April 2011

During April, the unemployment rate edged up 0.2%, raising the rate to 9.0%, according to data [.pdf] released today from the Labor Department. Despite this rise in the unemployment rate, which is up from 8.8% in March, the US economy added 244,000 jobs during April. The private sector grew for the seventh consecutive month, with […]

Alabama Tornado Outbreak Footage

On Wednesday, April 27th, a deadly outbreak of tornadoes stormed across the southeast, resulting with deaths in seven different states, including: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Alabama was hit the hardest, with a death toll of 255 as of Saturday. The death toll throughout the region stands at 356 individuals. This is […]

Economic Growth Decelerates in 1st Quarter

During the first quarter of 2011, the US economy recorded positive growth, yet the rate of growth decelerated and was relatively sluggish. Total output of the US economy grew at an annual rate of 1.8% in the first quarter, according to the advanced estimate of the gross domestic product [.pdf] released today from the Bureau […]

Property Values Continue Descent

During February, residential home values declined 1% in the twenty largest metropolitan cities, according to data [.pdf] released today from S&P. This is the seventh consecutive month with a reduction in home prices. All twenty of these cities recorded monthly declines, excluding Detroit, with fourteen of these cities declining 1% or more. The greatest monthly […]

Home Sales Slightly Rise in March

After new home sales recorded an all-time low in February, new home sales increased 11.1% during March, according to data [.pdf] released today from the Housing Department and Census Bureau. Despite this slight increase, the amount of new home sales during March rank seventh among the ten lowest months of home sales since record keeping […]