March 29, 2017

Senator Resigns to Avoid Testimony

On Thursday, April 21st, Senator John Ensign (R-NV) announced his resignation from the Senate effective May 3rd, which is only one day before the Senator is scheduled to testify in an investigation before the Senate Ethics Committee about the legality of a $96,000 payment to the family of his former lover. Ensign, whose been married […]

Evidence Builds Against Big Banks in Financial Crisis

Over two years after the sudden fallout of the financial markets in late 2008, the government still has not brought a criminal charge against any individual or business for a role in the crisis. Some argue the financial system itself collapsed and no individual or business committed any crimes, but a bipartisan Senate subcommittee report […]

Legal Debate of the Individual Mandate

Since October 2010, two District Court rulings have declared Section 1501 of the recent health care law unconstitutional, while three rulings other rulings have declared the same provision constitutional. Section 1501 will require non-exempted individuals to purchase minimum coverage health insurance in 2014 or pay a fine, as stated in the 906-page law [.pdf]. Within […]

Wisconsin Protest Timeline and Facts

Since Monday, February 14th, protesters have demonstrated at the Wisconsin capital building against a state bill to remove the collective bargaining rights for most public-sector workers. Protesters have rallied around the clock, with hundreds camping inside the capital building for over ten days. Despite an order from Governor Scott Walker for protesters to leave the […]

Death Toll Soars in Libyan Protests

Following the resignation of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt on February 11th, mass demonstrations have begun in other countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Civilians of Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, and Bahrain are protesting against the authoritarian leadership of their country. While demonstrators have died in each of these countries, Libya has had an […]

Egyptian Revolution Moves Forward

With the resignation of Hosni Mubarak as the Egyptian President after almost thirty years of power, Egypt is amid a historic transition of power. Under Mubarak’s regime, Egyptians suffered from a lack of several rights, including brutal torture and detainment for political dissent, persecution for those who exercise religious freedoms, and a lack of rights […]

2011 Patriot Act Extension Still Alive

Yesterday, the House of Representatives failed to pass House Resolution 514, which would have extended the soon-to-expire surveillance provisions of the Patriot Act until December 8th. Despite this failed vote, there are four reasons why this vote does not mark the defeat of the Patriot Act. First, the House utilized a “suspension of rules” procedure […]

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cable Amount Altered

Since November 28th, WikiLeaks has published 3,890 diplomatic documents, as you can view at the WikiLeaks website. Though, the amount of documents published each day has changed. When Left and Right News previously analyzed the daily amount of published documents up to January 21st, WikiLeaks had published 2,628 documents. From January 22nd to February 7th, […]