March 24, 2017

Guantanamo Bay Will Remain Open

In January 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order demanding the close of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base within one year. Though, this order has had a number of setbacks, with the most recent coming last Friday when the President signed the 383-page Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 [.pdf]. The central goal of this […]

Afghanistan War December 2010 Facts

During December, the US forces suffered 33 casualties in the Afghanistan War, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This is the fewest amount of casualties in a month since April. While this fact indicates an improvement in Afghanistan, the amount of casualties in December were still notable in comparison to the past. […]

Julian Assange Case Facts

On August 20th, the Swedish Prosecution Authority issued a warrant for Julian Assange, who was sought for questioning about allegations of rape. Less than twelve hours after the release of the warrant, a senior Swedish prosecutor withdrew the warrant. Almost three months later, on November 18th, a Swedish court revived the allegations and issued another […]

Central Goal of the New START Treaty

Last April, President Obama met with President Medvedev of Russia to sign the New START Treaty. Although this treaty would result with a 30% reduction in nuclear warheads on behalf of both Russia and the United States, the more significant goal of this treaty allows each country to inspect or verify the nuclear facilities of […]

Afghanistan War November 2010 Facts

During November, the US forces suffered 53 casualties in the Afghanistan War, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This marks the sixth consecutive month there has been 42 or more US casualties in Afghanistan. Prior to this six month stretch, there were only 3 other months of the entire Afghanistan War, which […]

WikiLeaks Releases Diplomatic Documents

Today WikiLeaks began publishing 251,287 classified documents about diplomatic issues around the world. This is the largest release of classified information to date and is seven times larger than the recently published Iraq War Logs. Even though the entire set of documents will be published over the next few months and range from December 1966 […]

START Treaty Facts

Earlier this year on April 8th, President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia met to sign the New START Treaty. This treaty deals with the reduction of nuclear weapons and sets lower limits on the amount of nuclear weapons each country possesses, as well as increasing the transparency of each countries nuclear facilities. Past treaties […]

Casualties in Afghanistan Surge in 2010

During October, the US forces suffered 50 casualties in the Afghanistan War. In the first 9 days of November, there have been 19 more casualties – bringing the total amount of casualties in 2010 to 432, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This amount of casualties is greater than any other year […]