March 29, 2017

Presidential Approval Comparison

President Obama’s current approval rating is 47%, according to Gallup Polls. In comparison to the past 11 presidents at the same point in their presidencies, which is about 700 days, Obama’s current rating is higher than 3 of the last 11 presidents. As the chart below shows, Ronald Reagan was lower than Obama’s current rating, […]

Presidential Approval Comparison

With President Obama now in week #80 of his presidency, his approval rating is 45%.  Comparatively, for the 4 previous presidencies, the lowest approval rating during week #80 belongs to Reagan with 41%, as shown below in the graph from Gallup.  Clinton, though, isn’t far behind at 43%, but George H.W. Bush and his son […]

OMB Replacement Named

With Peter Orszag’s departure as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget on July 30th, Obama has appointed Jacob “Jack” Lew to replace him.  Lew served the position from 1998-2001 for the Clinton Administration.  The Senate will have to confirm Lew.

Clinton Had Worse Numbers in ’94

According to the Gallup Poll Database, Bill Clinton had an approval rating of 44% in late June of 1994.  Barack Obama has an approval rating slightly higher in the same point of his presidency, which is 45%.