March 29, 2017

Gas Prices Decline as US Dollar Appreciates

While the recent ascent in the price for a barrel of oil would suggest higher gas prices for American consumers, the ascent of oil in recent months has not correlated to an ascent in gas prices. Typically, a $10 rise in the price of oil results with a 24 cent increase in the price for […]

Gas Prices Exceed $4 per Gallon

During the week ending May 9th, the price for a gallon of gas nationally averaged $4.018, according to the US Energy Administration. This is the second week with the national average above $4 per gallon, as well as the twenty-first week out of the past twenty-three weeks with an increase in the national average for […]

Gas Prices Soar Amid Libyan Crisis

During the week ending March 7th, the national average for a gallon of gas increased fourteen cents to $3.57, according to the US Energy Administration. Among the last fourteen weeks, this is the thirteenth week with an increase in the average price of gas. While there is a broad trend of rising gas prices, there […]

Steven Chu Seized Command of BP Actions

Steven Chu, the American who won the Nobel Prize in 1997 and taught physics at UC Berkley before being tapped as the current Secretary of Energy, has had the final authority for BP’s course of actions during the oil response effort.  Chu did not specify when the Department of Energy began approving BP’s course of […]

Latest Oil Spill Rundown

Despite initial reports the Macondo Well would be plugged for a maximum of 2 days, it has been plugged since July 15th – almost 3 weeks – because the pressure of the well never reached excessive pressure (7000 psi) that would require opening the vents on the cap to relieve the pressure. The cap placed […]