March 29, 2017

Emergency Border Security Bill Passes

On Friday President Obama signed an appropriations bill that provides exactly $600 million toward the security of the Southwest Border throughout the next year.  Over 90% of the bill – $548 million – is for the salary and expenses of personnel. $175 million of the salary appropriations is for new border patrol agents – enough […]

Injunction Filed Against Arizona Law

With less than 12 hours before the controversial Arizona immigration law is scheduled to take effect, federal judge Susan Bolton has issued a preliminary injunction against the contentious provisions – including the provision requiring police officers to ask about immigration status for suspicious individuals.  Read the federal ruling here, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, […]

DOJ Files Suit

This past Tuesday, the Department of Justice officially filed suit in U.S. District Court against Arizona’s controversial immigration law that was recently passed.  The law is not scheduled to take effect until July 29th, but now the question is if the state law will ever take effect.  Though it is not impossible for the lawsuit […]

Cert. Issued for 2007 Arizona Law

Today the Supreme Court announced it will hear a challenge against a 2007 Arizona immigration law, not the more controversial immigration law going into effect July 29th.  Though the law being challenged is the Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007 and since it also deals with immigration, the ruling may affect the new law as […]

DOJ Will Challenge Arizona Law

After Hillary Clinton told an Ecuadorean reporter that the Obama Administration would challenge the controversial immigration law in Arizona, officials within the Department of Justice have confirmed that the law will eventually be challenged in court.