March 26, 2017

Latest BP Oil Spill Facts

Following pressurized tests on August 5th that have confirmed the Macondo Well is effectively cemented from the top, the blowout preventer was successfully removed and arrived in New Orleans on Friday for a forensic investigation. Additionally, a new blowout preventer has been installed that will facilitate the relief well operations, according to the Gulf Incident […]

Less Than a Third of Oil Contained

According to a BP report released yesterday, the total amount of oil contained, either through oil collection by vessels or through a burning process known as flaring, is 827,000 barrels – less than a third of all the oil that has poured into the Gulf since April 20th.

‘A Whale’ Tries to Join Containment Effort

The A Whale is a vessel 3.5 football fields long and ten stories high.  The Taiwanese owners report the massive supertanker was modified for skimming operations after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon platform and can process almost 20,000,000 gallons of oily water each day – the most in the world.  Though the A Whale […]

Tropical Storm Likely to be a Hurricane

The National Hurricane Center has projected Tropical Storm Alex to develop into a Hurricane by Monday evening or Tuesday morning, but the storm remains on course for Mexico and South Texas, rather than the spewing Macondo well – allowing oil containment personnel to remain at sea.

Rundown of Latest BP Numbers

Total cost of the oil disaster is now $2.65 billion, BP announced. Over 100 aircraft, 5,000 vessels, and 39,000 personnel are involved. $128 million has been paid to over 80,000 claimants. Total oil recovered or flared totals 435,600 barrels. Oil collection capacity is scheduled to increase to 45,000-50,000 barrels per day by the end of […]

How Dispersant Works

Amount of Dispersant Used So Far

The NOAA released a statement announcing the total number of dispersant at 1.47 million gallons, or 35,000 barrels.  Dispersant is used to speed up the natural degradation of oil and also prevent oil from the reaching shore.

Latest Oil Containment Stats

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 25,836 barrels of petroleum was collected Tuesday – a new daily record breaking last Thursday’s number of 25,000 barrels.  Also in recent days, thanks to favorable weather conditions, 275 controlled burns around the Gulf were able to dispose of 9.32 million gallons of oil, or 221,904 barrels.