March 29, 2017

Relief Well Completed

One day shy of 5 months since the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, pressurized tests have confirmed the completion of the relief well for the once-spewing Macondo Well. Coast Guard point man Thad Allen announced today that the well is “effectively dead.” The interception of the well occurred at a depth of 17,977 […]

BP’s Data Doesn’t Add Up

The picture below is a snapshot from BP’s website in which it says that $399 million was distributed to Gulf Coast claimants, yet a chart that BP provides with details as to how the money was distributed doesn’t add to $399 million, but only to $370 million.

Mental Health Agencies Receive BP Funds

Today BP announced it will give $52 million to help support state and federal mental health agencies across the Gulf Coast. The chart below shows the amount that each agency received – Louisiana tops the chart at $15 million. Between June 25th and July 1st, Oschner Health Group, a non-profit health provider, conducted a survey […]

1980’s Data Used to Approve BP’s Gulf Permit

Even though BP first applied for a permit to drill the Gulf of Mexico’s Macondo Well in 2007, key data used to approve the permit dates back to two studies initially done in 1981 and 1986, reports the Council on Environmental Quality in a review released today [pdf.]. The BP permit process relied on the […]

Steven Chu Seized Command of BP Actions

Steven Chu, the American who won the Nobel Prize in 1997 and taught physics at UC Berkley before being tapped as the current Secretary of Energy, has had the final authority for BP’s course of actions during the oil response effort.  Chu did not specify when the Department of Energy began approving BP’s course of […]

Alabama Sues BP

In what is now the 4th lawsuit filed against BP in regards to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Alabama filed suit yesterday for the damages incurred from the spill.  The lawsuit does not specify how much Alabama seeks in damages.  However, the official complaint, which you can view here [pdf.], claims that BP was negligent […]

Latest Oil Spill Rundown

Despite initial reports the Macondo Well would be plugged for a maximum of 2 days, it has been plugged since July 15th – almost 3 weeks – because the pressure of the well never reached excessive pressure (7000 psi) that would require opening the vents on the cap to relieve the pressure. The cap placed […]

BP Posts 2nd Quarter Statement

Unsurprisingly, BP posted a deficit for the 2nd Quarter of 2010 – totaling about $17 billion, as displayed by the chart below.  BP released a complete report that also estimated the overall costs related to the oil spill at $32.2 billion.