March 29, 2017

Special Forces Kill Osama bin Laden

In an unexpected speech Sunday evening, President Obama announced US special forces have killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda whose responsible for the deaths of 2,974 individuals on September 11th, 2001, and thousands of others around the world. Families who have lost relatives to bin Laden’s organization finally capture a sense of closure […]

Afghanistan Supply Trucks Attacked

Since last Thursday, when Pakistani authorities blamed crossfire from a NATO helicopter for the deaths of 3 Pakistani soldiers, the convoy of non-lethal supplies for NATO and US troops in Afghanistan has been halted from using Pakistani highways. A parked convoy was attacked by gunmen early Monday morning and about 20 oil tankers were set […]

Floods Tear Through Pakistan

The worst recorded flood in Pakistan’s history began about 3 weeks ago. The leader of the United Nations has said that he “has never seen anything like this.” At least 1,500 people have died and 6 million require life-saving humanitarian assistance, reports the World Health Organization. The United States has given more than $90 million […]