March 26, 2017

Death Toll Soars in Libyan Protests

Following the resignation of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt on February 11th, mass demonstrations have begun in other countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Civilians of Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, and Bahrain are protesting against the authoritarian leadership of their country. While demonstrators have died in each of these countries, Libya has had an […]

Both Parties Propose Minor Budget Reductions

While Republicans and Democrats agree on the necessity for the federal government to spend less, the question that remains is how to spend less. Within the past week, each party proposed reductions to the federal budget. Republicans in the House passed a bill yesterday with budget reductions for the current fiscal year, while President Obama […]

Guantanamo Bay Will Remain Open

In January 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order demanding the close of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base within one year. Though, this order has had a number of setbacks, with the most recent coming last Friday when the President signed the 383-page Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 [.pdf]. The central goal of this […]

Afghanistan War December 2010 Facts

During December, the US forces suffered 33 casualties in the Afghanistan War, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This is the fewest amount of casualties in a month since April. While this fact indicates an improvement in Afghanistan, the amount of casualties in December were still notable in comparison to the past. […]

Divided Government Begins

Another era of divided government begins tomorrow with the commencement of the 112th Congress. Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, while Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives. This will be the first time since the 107th Congress that separate parties have controlled the two houses of the Legislative Branch. However, divided […]

Latest Facts About the Bush Tax Cuts

The Bush tax cuts began in 2001 and implemented several tax reductions through “sunset provisions,” which are parts of laws that expire on a certain date if legislative actions do not extend the provisions. The sunset provisions of the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire on December 31st – leading to the current national […]

Afghanistan War November 2010 Facts

During November, the US forces suffered 53 casualties in the Afghanistan War, according to the casualty database of the Defense Department. This marks the sixth consecutive month there has been 42 or more US casualties in Afghanistan. Prior to this six month stretch, there were only 3 other months of the entire Afghanistan War, which […]

Federal Deficit Commission Facts

Earlier this year on February 18th, President Obama issued an executive order that established a bipartisan deficit commission. The main goal of the commission is to identify recommendations that would balance the federal deficit by 2015. Today the commission published a 66-page report [.pdf] that prescribes six broad categories of reform. Each of these broad […]