March 24, 2017

Special Forces Kill Osama bin Laden

In an unexpected speech Sunday evening, President Obama announced US special forces have killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda whose responsible for the deaths of 2,974 individuals on September 11th, 2001, and thousands of others around the world. Families who have lost relatives to bin Laden’s organization finally capture a sense of closure […]

Presidential Approval Comparison

President Obama’s current approval rating is 47%, according to Gallup Polls. In comparison to the past 11 presidents at the same point in their presidencies, which is about 700 days, Obama’s current rating is higher than 3 of the last 11 presidents. As the chart below shows, Ronald Reagan was lower than Obama’s current rating, […]

Approval of Obama Edges Up

President Obama’s approval rating in the 1st week of October has improved 4% since the 1st week of September, according to 2 polls with over 1,500 participants each. A Gallup poll concluded with 48% of participants approving of Obama – up from 44% in their poll from early September. Similarly, a Rasmussen poll resulted with […]

Midterm Unemployment Comparison

With the 2010 Elections less than 41 days away, the forefront issue is the unemployment rate. The chart below shows a comparison of the unemployment rate for each of the past 5 Presidents during the September of their first midterm. Additionally, the presidential approval rating is shown, as well as the congressional outcome of the […]

Midterm Elections of New Presidents

Among the 5 Presidents who preceded Barack Obama, the only President whose political party did not lose seats in either the House or Senate in their 1st midterm election as President was George W. Bush. Every other President’s party lost an average of 16 seats in the House and 2 seats in the Senate, as […]

Presidential Approval Comparison

With President Obama now in week #80 of his presidency, his approval rating is 45%.  Comparatively, for the 4 previous presidencies, the lowest approval rating during week #80 belongs to Reagan with 41%, as shown below in the graph from Gallup.  Clinton, though, isn’t far behind at 43%, but George H.W. Bush and his son […]

Clinton Had Worse Numbers in ’94

According to the Gallup Poll Database, Bill Clinton had an approval rating of 44% in late June of 1994.  Barack Obama has an approval rating slightly higher in the same point of his presidency, which is 45%.

Obama’s Approval Rating Declines Over 10% in 1 year

In determining a fair perspective of Obama’s approval rating, Real Clear Politics averages multiple polls.  Obama’s approval rating was 59.6% exactly 1 year ago – now it’s 48.1%.