March 26, 2017

Central Goal of the New START Treaty

Last April, President Obama met with President Medvedev of Russia to sign the New START Treaty. Although this treaty would result with a 30% reduction in nuclear warheads on behalf of both Russia and the United States, the more significant goal of this treaty allows each country to inspect or verify the nuclear facilities of […]

START Treaty Facts

Earlier this year on April 8th, President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia met to sign the New START Treaty. This treaty deals with the reduction of nuclear weapons and sets lower limits on the amount of nuclear weapons each country possesses, as well as increasing the transparency of each countries nuclear facilities. Past treaties […]

Russian Wildfire Rundown

In Moscow, carbon monoxide is 6.5 times greater than the maximum allowable concentration. Russian health officials have warned that a few hours of exposure to the air is equal to the toxins of 40 cigarettes. Over 600 wildfires throughout Russia have produced a thick smog that has quickly become dangerous to public health – forcing […]

BP CEO Steps Down with Hefty Severance

Tony Hayward will step down as the BP CEO October 1st.  Hayward not only departs with an annual pension of $930,000 and a one-time payout of $1.6 million, but also with speculation that he will eventually serve BP on an executive board in Russia.

Russian Rundown

10 individuals were arrested in US cities and 1 more was arrested in Cyprus. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin confirmed the 11 individuals arrested are Russian citizens. The Russians were posing as ordinary US citizens – among the 11 is real estate agents, facebook accounts, and a graduate of Seton Hall with two master’s degrees. […]