March 26, 2017

Relief Well Completed

One day shy of 5 months since the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, pressurized tests have confirmed the completion of the relief well for the once-spewing Macondo Well. Coast Guard point man Thad Allen announced today that the well is “effectively dead.” The interception of the well occurred at a depth of 17,977 […]

Latest BP Oil Spill Facts

Following pressurized tests on August 5th that have confirmed the Macondo Well is effectively cemented from the top, the blowout preventer was successfully removed and arrived in New Orleans on Friday for a forensic investigation. Additionally, a new blowout preventer has been installed that will facilitate the relief well operations, according to the Gulf Incident […]

New Oil Cap Stops Leak Temporarily

The Department of Energy’s new oil cap placed on the Macondo Well has stopped the oil flow, but the vents on the cap will be opened after a maximum of 48 hours and again allow oil to flow, reports National Incident Commander Thad Allen.  The temporary stop is only a part of the process to […]

Thad Allen Retires, but He Still Works

After nearly 40 years of service, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen officially retired from the Coast Guard yesterday.  However, as planned when Allen formally submitted his retirement papers May 24th, he will remain the National Incident Commander of the BP oil disaster.  Bob Papp is the new head of the Coast Guard.

Oil Containment Hindered

Even though Tropical Storm Alex has not veered from a Northern Mexico and South Texas course, it is currently 5 mph below a category one hurricane – causing waves throughout the Gulf of Mexico that range from 4-12 feet.  As a result, the Discover Enterprise and other vessels have not had to retreat to port, […]

Coast Guard Announces Potential Storm Impact

Thad Allen, the Coast Guard Admiral overseeing the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, has announced that any tropical storm or hurricane that nears the spewing Macondo Well would shut down oil containment for about 14 days. The Discover Enterprise and the other ships require 5 days to retreat to port, roughly 4 days for the storm […]