March 26, 2017

Hayward Joins Russian Board

Tony Hayward has officially descended from being the CEO of BP to being a board member of BP’s Russian enterprise. Hayward is certainly not leaving empty handed, though, with an annual pension of $930,000 and a $1.6 million one-time payout. Bob Dudley has become the new BP CEO. Meanwhile, the stock value of BP has […]

Tony Hayward Testifies in UK

Outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward will testify before members of British Parliament today. The UK’s Energy and Climate Change Committee will question Hayward about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a result of BP seeking a new deepwater operation in the North Sea. Additionally, members of Parliament will ask Hayward how the oil spill […]

BP Issues Incident Report

A summary of the events that led to the blowout of the Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico has been released from a BP investigation team. The 193-page document [.pdf] attributes blame to “a well integrity failure, followed by a loss of hydrostatic control.” BP’s outgoing CEO Tony Hayward removed the jargon and explained, […]

BP CEO Steps Down with Hefty Severance

Tony Hayward will step down as the BP CEO October 1st.  Hayward not only departs with an annual pension of $930,000 and a one-time payout of $1.6 million, but also with speculation that he will eventually serve BP on an executive board in Russia.

BP CEO Spends Weekend on Yacht

The day after BP announced that Bob Dudley would be replacing CEO Tony Hayward as their lead spokesperson, Hayward partook in a yacht race off the coast of England.

Hayward Replaced

The CEO of BP faced criticisms following his appearance on Capital Hill and will no longer be representing BP on matters concerning the ongoing crisis in the Gulf.  Bob Dudley, another BP executive with the formal title of Managing Director, is the new spokesperson.

Tony Hayward Dodges Questions

In response to critical questions from Congress, Hayward used the phrase, “the ongoing internal investigation regarding this matter is not complete and I cannot answer yes or no until the investigation is complete.”

BP CEO: “It Wasn’t Our Accident…”

As Tony Hayward claims in this video, the Deepwater Horizon explosion “wasn’t BP’s accident, but BP is absolutely responsible for the oil and will pay for the clean up.”  Hayward will testify before Congress today.